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  1. until

    Event was changed to 7pm est due to rl stuff!
  2. Congrats dude :-)

  3. Congratz <3 

  4. until
    Event details [DI-XXX] [A2] Comp Practice Hosting Officer: @tjwalsh Co-Hosting Officer: @tritium Event Attendance Token: (= 10 Rep per Hour) Description Team Practice, working on comms, comp building, and possibly scrims, Ranked if not. Event will be held in DISCORD under a Channel name matching the Event Title. RSVP and being present in the Discord is mandatory
  5. until

    Yay! Lets gain this grain and win some games
  6. until

    Ready for this event, hopefully we can get a lot of people this time too!
  7. until

    Honestly biggest event I have been too! Thanks @Salubrifor hosting such a cool event all the time!
  8. until

    Even though @YummySwordsdidn't want me there, I still had some fun....
  9. until

    Thanks for taking over @ludde002! We missed you @Salubri!
  10. until

    Having @YummySwordsas defender was kinda toxic. (he kept playing darius and thought he was so good)
  11. until

    Lmao "If you want to play TFT, don't be here." Had a great time with this event like always!
  12. until

    Oh @YummySwordsyou really held us hostage with this one
  13. until

    Thanks @DeeSiredfor hosting! Had a lot of fun wit this one.
  14. until

    Literally one of my favorite events because it is two hours and we get to play with a bunch of new people!
  15. until

    Had a lot of fun playing with new people! Thanks @Salubri@Syphontwo@tritium@Whiteyyboifor making the games fun and enjoyable.
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