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  1. New

    [DI-CV] Valorant Games!


    Hi ^^. Anyone EUW going to the event?
  2. New

    [DI-CII] Valorant Games


    Pog event cant w8 to go to it
  3. until

    Kitty event time
  4. until

    ice cream time
  5. until

    customs 5v5?
  6. until

    #Customs 5v5 :o If no customs 5v5 xayah will give u that look reee xDD Hope we all have fun in the event :)
  7. until

  8. until

    cat gifs insert here: (me coming out of bed to play in the event be like) Cant w8 for the event :)
  9. New

    [DI-XI] League of Poro's


    I'm so excited for this event :D. Love league of Legends. :)
  10. until

    Very excited for this event :3. As excited as to eat this pizza rn and i havent ate anything all day yet xd.
  11. until

    Cant w8 to have more fun with my friends in this event :D, and ready to hear @Wettnoodlescatch phrase in the end of every event ehhe ^^. Time to have fun in the rift. Let's gooooo ^-^.
  12. until

    I hope enough people join for custom 5v5 ^^. Cant w8 for this event.
  13. until

    me everytime i go to league of kitties asking for customs 5v5 :3 Fun event time ^^
  14. until

    does anyone want to join us in this event to play some tft?
  15. until

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