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  1. Rabbit has been helping me a lot since the first day we meet, she is really nice, and always with a calm/ good vibe. She mostly teaches through vods, even if we had some troubles seeing them in the team coaching sessions, she still could carry on it, and make us learn a lot in such a tiny period of time Very knowledgeable in how overwatch works, the mechanics, the gamesense and even some tricks to play better. I recommend, if you want to get better fast, and make a friend for life.
  2. skygamer

    [DI-XVIII] Peanut's Casual QP


    WHERE IS MY TOKEN :V kidding
  3. skygamer

    [DI-CV] Skribbl.io


    FUNNY 😛 lol it was fine even if i was the worse on the game hahahaah
  4. until

    unlucky it was only one hour and few players, but the manager did heard the suggestions i had as others too, it was kinda coached 1v1 since people there were learning and not only competing, so i did actually love it ❤️
  5. skygamer

    [DI-III] 1v1 mystery duel


    sadly it was only 4 people there, me + 3 but they were really enjoyable to play against, a good integration between them and 🙂 i guess i am the winner? hahahahah v: idk at least i won everyone right? thx for this experience
  6. until

    As he said to me in other post, it addapts to where you are
  7. until

    10-11pm of where? gmt0? idk aaaaaaaaaaaa
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