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  1. until

    Ez games ez wins great stuff team
  2. until

    I am pure sadness as this event takes place at 6 am for me and as much as I want to I cant start singing in the middle of the morning otherwise everyone sleeping here will end me
  3. until

    Maybe I was kinda inting in the game but it's all good
  4. ROBIN123654789

    [DI-II] Kareoke


    Is this event happening again one day? Cuz I'd love to join one day
  5. until

    Yo gucci event even though we got rekt by the Volibear but it's all cool xD gg wp looking forward to the next one
  6. until

    I just feel like it sucks to play on an NA account since I don't have one yet so if I make one I don't have a lotta champions and I'll probably play champions I won't be able to enjoy as much. Also the ping would make me wanna cry probably
  7. until

    Shame this is NA otherwise I definitely woulda participated
  8. ROBIN123654789

    [DI-CV] Skribbl.io


    Fun event! I had fun even though my drawing skills are so through the roof that noone can guess my drawings xD. One day I'll learn how to draw, you just wait.
  9. until

    Was really fun playing this game for the first time with some people. Really hope to see this event more in the future! I r8 8/8 m8.
  10. until

    Wanted to attend this event but because I am in the GMT time zone the event took place at 3 am in the middle of the night -_-. I'm kinda sad I couldn't attend this event
  11. until

    Chill relax event, really made me understand how rep and other stuff worked in DI. Had a great time would attend again if I forget how everything works again. I r8 8/8 m8.
  12. until

    In what LoL region is this event?
  13. until

    Oh I see thank you for clearing up!
  14. until

    This is probably a stupid question but is this event exclusive to longbow members and if so, are events like these always RSVP for members of other houses?
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