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  1. until

    That's when my roster practice is, so I can't come. :(
  2. until

    Shame issues meant we couldn't play Overwatch, but Scribble.io is also good!
  3. until

    Ok, I can't really attend if its that late for me, hope you have fun!
  4. until

    So, it won't be happening at the original time? If so, then I don't have to stay up till 11pm. So that's OK with me
  5. until

    Cool, was just worried that due to SR differences, everyone couldn't queue together. I now realise that it doesn't apply due to placements, but that didn't cross my mind when making my post
  6. until

    Whats the average SR we can expect to be playing with?
  7. LGetlander

    [DI-XVIII] OW Arcade


    If I was to come, I would need to leave midway through for like a literal minute. Would that be ok? I can't really give an exact time I would need to go though.
  8. until

    Thanks! 😄
  9. until

    I am in the April 2020 Cohort, can I still come?
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