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  1. 13thShade

    Mayhem II

    All event tokens count.
  2. When I get to post news instead of you so I get more upvotes


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      @Olinite made me fall in love with this emote.

      It conveys my plans for world domination :AYAYA:

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      :peepoEvil:   <---- If Steve Jobs was Italian

  3. 13thShade

    Mayhem II

    "The space between life and death, that's where we are the most alive" - Floki March 2020, New Blood V victors... House Longbow led to victory by House General Siles Division led to victory by Commander Blaire Record: 231 Recruits A Contest Of The Gods Four times a year, for many years, a great showdown before the gods begin. The Houses, Divisions and individual members battle it out in a show of strength, with glory, power and prestige showered upon those who best their opponents. The theme of each competition varies, including contests in most reputation, recruits, posts, events attended and so on. The month of June 2020, is the Event Attendance challenge So what are the Stakes? Best House + House of the Year - 4 Points + Top of the House Sort Order House of the Year - 2019 final scores: House of the Year is a cumulative score of the triumphs obtained my officers and members for their house throughout the year. Triumphs are obtained by doing something truly great, such as winning Valhalla League, graduating a new Division, or beating 30+ other Divisions in a contest like this. All of these achievements go towards House of the Year standings. Members who have been in the winning House for 6+ months at the end of the year, earn the extremely prestigious: House of the Year award Scoring will be based on the House Standings, which uses total event attendance plus the competitive event attendance to calculate a division or house's total score. Ratios will be used, putting houses with fewer members on more even footing with larger houses. + Best Division + The Vanquisher triumph for the Commander and Vice (only counted once) + TheBest Division Medal for all members of the division who participated (20+ events attended) The Vanquisher triumph is worth 5 points towards the House of the Year leaderboard, and a prestigious triumph that is only awarded four times a year. The Best Division Medal is another award that is only awarded four times a year, and considered extremely prestigious by members. Scoring will be based on the Division Standings, and will use the raw events attended + competitive activity numbers from each Division (not ratios) for the month of June. This allows every division to participate, including seeds. For example, a division with 100 events attended and 20 competitive events attended will have a total score of 120. + Best Individual Individual members who perform the best, will be awarded based on their position in the member standings. 1st. Star of Valor - 1st Class award and 500 REP 2nd. Star of Valor - 2nd Class award and 350 REP 3rd. Star of Valor - 3rd Class award and 250 REP 4th. 150 REP 5th. 150 REP Scoring will be based on the Member Standings, and will use the raw events attended + competitive activity numbers for each individual for the month of June. FAQ - I am an Initiate - can I still participate? Yes! and you should! - When does the scoring end? When the standings reset at the end of the month. I think it is midnight of the last day, but don't quote me. - If my Division wins, will everyone get the Best Division Medal? Only members and initiates who helped their Division win will be eligible. This is defined by getting at least 20+ events attended this month. Feel free to ask any questions! Remember, Odin is watching. Shade
  4. 13thShade

    Seed Divisions

    Updated on 5/31. Missing a Milestone If the Commander is unable to meet the milestones to get the seed to graduate, they will become at risk of being demoted, depending on level of effort demonstrated. Seed Commanders who fail to achieve 50+ in their first month of Seed Command will lose Seed status. Take note of the changes @Commander.
  5. Updated 5/30. https://prnt.sc/sqqfmp
  6. I am new but leadership sounds very interesting.


    1. Raptor


      It’s quite fun :)

  7. At the present time i dont wish to be a commander thank you for the offer though

  8. Aaaand its time for our favorite weekend of the month again this coming weekend! Expect lots of events, across multiple timezones catering to every taste you guys might have. Remember you get Community Event token worth 15 REP meaning you can make a lot of REP on this weekend bouncing from one event to the next. Make sure to RSVP to get the notifications on your mobile device! Got Questions? Scroll to the bottom for the FAQ Friday - 22 May 2020 Event #1 - Kickin' Things Off With A Siege - Rainbow 6 Siege Event #2 - Jackbox Joyland - R6S Event #3 - Music Beats for Corona Neets - Karaoke Event #4 - League of ARAMS - League of Legends Event #5 - Spooder League - League of Legends Event #6 - It's Skribbl Time! - Skribbl.io Event #7 - Overwatch Themed Skribbio! - Skribb.io Event #8 - 4v4 Tournament - Overwatch - Tournament Event #9 - Super Siege - Rainbow 6 Siege Event #10 - Comfy Jackal Box - Jackbox Event #11 - Apex and Flex! - Apex Legends Event #12 - R6 5v5 Tournament - Rainbow 6 Siege - Tournament Saturday - 23 May 2020 Event #13 - Pictures Against DI - Pictures Against Humanity Event #14 - OW Custom Game Madness - Overwatch Event #15 - Rocket League 2v2 Tournament - Rocket League - Tournament Event #16 - Valorant 2v2 Tournament [EU] - Valorant - Tournament Event #17 - Showdown Throwdown - Pokemon Event #18 - PUG Mania - Overwatch Event #19 - League of In-House Tournament Style - League of Legends - Tournament Event #20 - Valorant Grinding - Valorant Event #21 - Where Are We Dropping? - Warzone Sunday - 24 May 2020 Event #22 - Nana's Enhanced Paintball! - Overwatch Event #23 - League with ASol - League of Legends Event #24 - Sing! Sing! Sing! - Karaoke Event #25 - LoL Late Night Madness - League of Legends Event #26 - Rift Warriors [EU] - League of Legends - Tournament Event #27 - CS:GO Sunday Matchmaking - CS:GO Event #28 - Workshop Funfest - Overwatch Event #29 - Valorant 2v2 Tournament [NA] - Valorant - Tournament Event #30 - LoL SW Skribbl with ASol - Skribbl.io Event #31 - Drinks Against DI - Cards Against Humanity Event #32 - Siege On Super Sunday - Rainbow 6 Siege Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where do I find the events? A: All events are scheduled on the Community Calendar and are converted automatically to your system clocks timezone. The events will be hosted in the Social Lounge at the top of the DI TeamSpeak. Rooms will be created for the Events and tagged with [SW] and the title of the event. Make sure you are on time and RSVP in order to earn Community Tokens that are worth 3 REP an hour. If it is a multi hour event, you can join/leave for the 2nd hour as well. For Tournaments you will need to be on time and favorably come with your team 10 min before - details to registration can usually be found in the Event Description. Q: Who organizes Super Weekend? A: Super Weekend is hosted by Community divisions, usually on a rotational basis. This time around DI-CV has the pleasure of doing so. DI-CV is led by @BananaB & @WizzleWuzzle & is contained within House Trident which is also led by @Hedd Q: How are the games decided? A: It's usually decided on by which games are the hottest and doing the best, as well as the amount of officers in each game's CoC that want to host an event for SW. Special Super Weekends will try to incorporate as many different games and special themed modes as possible. All Vices, Commanders and even Captains from Divisions and Orders pitch in and try to host the funkiest events for you! If you have suggestions for this or the next SW or special SW, don't be shy to make suggestions! Q: How long does it take to set up everything? A: It all depends on how familiar those that are helping are. Due to new promotions somewhat frequently, we're always having to explain the concept and help those new guys get into the rhythm and understand the planning that goes into these events. But we spend the whole month getting the next one ready, so they're very high quality! Especially, the special Super Weekends take some extra time planning and only come around a few times a year. Q: Can I join/help out with Super Weekend? A: The simple answer is Yes, but with restrictions. The longer answer is that we love when people assist us, but we like to keep it central and making sure we delegate properly. The best thing you can do is contact the current organizers with the specifics on how you'd like to help, and seeing if we can fit you in. Streamers, creative minds, co-hosts of all ranks and volunteering Officers are always welcome. Q: What if I'm doing something big like a tournament during Super Weekend? A: During this weekend, Valhalla could possibly be taking place at the same time. Don't fret, enough events are up for you to participate. If you are running your own tournament, you can contact the organizers to see if you want to add your tournament to the SW, given that the time does not overlap with already scheduled events
  9. 13thShade

    Compliance Overview

    Updated 5/18 to reflect the 4/19 Opium Den post.
  10. The first Super Division in nearly a year!


    1. Blaire


      Yessss, thank you! The marathon isn't over yet though ^.^


  11. 13thShade

    Super Weekend

    Updated 5/16.
  12. What kind of buffoon just promoted you to First Commander :PepoThink:

    1. TinyMario


      My favourite kind of buffoon

    2. Bent
    3. TinyMario


      This is just the start bent

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