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  1. until

    Don't often play with the call of duty community joined to notice immediately you have a nice group of people, one or two who i know are going to have huge ego's but other than that a nice group. An incident happened where i made a joke centred around the game that severely offended someone, it's understandable to be offended in the situation. A team leader attending the event proceeds to call out the guy who made the joke, me not being aware i was the one they were on about as i glossed over the joke so quickly (its not a big deal to me not that i knew i was the one who made the offensive joke, just like how someone could compliment someone within small-talk and completely move on from that sentence. I realise it was me who did it, not happy with the way i'd been slandered and the reaction i got (bare in mind i don't know the cod community at all) i proceed to get bad mouthed by the team leader present (not the event host however the event host was silent throughout) My ignorance to the persons history lead to a joke being taken to heart and i had apologised after the event however the team leader who slandered me @LeftyUK Proceeds to block me as we talk about how he treated me. And the person who got offended proceeds to make the situation personal and being blatantly rude after a simple misunderstanding and apology. I never see such toxicity in any other game, i was immediately recognised as a horrible person who shouldn't be in DI because i am rude and horrible when in reality it could've all been fixed immediately if the people involved were mature enough. @CryoWasTakenI hope that next time a disagreement like this happens you manage to control those involved rather than letting the situation roll out the way it did, other than this minor situation i had a great time and enjoyed the custom games. Thank you for hosting :)
  2. until

    Good to hear bud Look forward to seeing you in GC!
  3. Yogzie

    [DI-XIV] COD: MW Warzone


    showing up to the second hour :)
  4. never have i ever been so sad to only see a pair of rocket league events :o
  5. Yogzie



    i may not be able to come at this time as clash is right at this time.
  6. Just got the valorant closed beta key 😮


    1. Delirium


      Yoooo. I got one too! Want to play when it comes out? There is one other person who got the key as well!

    2. Yogzie


      Sure thing buddy @Delirium 🙂 

    3. ShakesASpear


      i'm jealous

  7. This is amazing, this is exactly what we need for damage inc and its competitive players, i rate it. Finally can get into some games easily 😄
  8. until

    Shame this was cancelled was really looking forward to it, it could be really good for me, hope there is another one soon!
  9. until

    got some 1s and fs 1s practice with tiny well organised 😛
  10. Anyone play EFT lately? Hit me up Yogzie#3140

  11. Three 😄 

  12. until

    No he hasnt set it up yet bud!
  13. until

    Good event g we improved a bunch 😄
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