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  1. I have had two sections with Beep and I have enjoyed them. I haven't had privet coaching section before so I don't have anything to go on. I think Beep have knowledge of the game, he knows what he talks about. He will give alternative options and try to open up your thought progress of the game. In my case he gave more different jg clears, timers to think of for when I should gank and how I should farm to not miss opportunity, and be on the right place in time. I like him and would recommend him to anyone who wants to be coached. Thx for your time Beep <3
  2. tuki tuki :D 

  3. dalo

    [DI-XXIV] Staff Meeting


  4. dalo

    [DI-XXIV] Staff Meeting


    "If you cannot make it for any reason and are a part of the staff, let me know beforehand so we can arrange 1 on 1 times to fill you in. " Dose this mean only staff who can't make it need to report to you before hand, meaning members dose not need to tell before hand, meaning if you need to specifics only staff need to do it members are allowed to come :o I mean, dalo reporting in <3 ps. this is a question if I'm allowed to come or not. @Nevvie
  5. until

    I thought we would build something, but everyone just want to kill the enemy insted of building new bridges with friendship :sob:
  6. until

    thx for hosting
  7. until

    thx for hosting ❤️
  8. until

    Thx for hosting all of our practices.
  9. until

    woop woop, let's do this
  10. until

    You need to list the host as well, above event reward.
  11. until

    Super Morddy host super event ❤️
  12. until

    ❤️ love you
  13. dalo

    Friday Fight Night


    Thx everyone for coming ❤️ And I hope I will see you all in an upcoming event ❤️
  14. dalo

    Friday Fight Night


    @Synth Soon, some of us are on away right now, but by the end of this week they are back. We want to make FFN something really cool and we believe the ladder will add to it. So we want the ladder to go up as soon as possible.
  15. dalo

    Friday Fight Night


    @Mroddy Yes, this event is still going. Last time a lot of people who didn't have teams showed up and formed their own. I also believe that every team who may show up haven't sign in their team before hand. Something that we hope going to be more common as time goes on.
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