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  1. until

    damn hackers, 95% directs with Pharah!?
  2. until

    I'm on my way!
  3. until

    Sorry I'm late i'm coming
  4. until

    It's quite alright!
  5. until

    Thanks for the scrim!
  6. until

    Thanks for the scrim! Nice to try different roles...though I hate this junkrat change...making the mines go faster means you cannot double jump during the fastest part of your grounded mine jump and that's horrible
  7. until

    Sorry I had an important call to take in the middle. One thing I need to put out here is that we need more coordination on even the 'little things' when it comes to executing plays, because not saying the little things are vulnerabilities that the enemy can take advantage of if they are clutch, or in this case a mercy amped Ashe that one taps any squishy.
  8. until

    I have arrived, sorry i was taking a nap
  9. until

    We gained some SR! Nicely done!
  10. until

    In a comp but I'll be there!
  11. until

    Interesting trying different roles.
  12. until

    I'm on my way! Just finishing comp
  13. until

    Got destroyed by that Ashe, it was really suspicious to me that they knew where everyone was going all the time for the shot/dynamite
  14. until

    I'm on my way!
  15. until

    Thank you for the games and for Alpha being our Rein
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