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    you got 25 min my guy, event starts at 5 past and then you got 5 min after event starts @SnowDWhite. You should have enough time, update took me about 20ish min.
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    Mb commented on wrong event lol
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    Results: 1st Place: @CiaranMc@numberguyPrize (600 credits / 300 credits each) 2nd Place: @daangast @AlarmingSloth58Prize (300 credits / 150 credits each) 3rd Place: @aidanrooney95 @alex94Prize (200 credits / 100 credits each) Credits are tradeable contact me on discord to get them Instinctual#1125
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    Comment on wrong event
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    Event Cancelled sorry to all who wanted to come, but I can not host anymore :(
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    Event Cancelled sorry to all who wanted to come, but I can not host anymore :(
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    Yea stop hacking @CiaranMc :( no one likes when you have grapple when we aren't playing rumble
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    Results: 1st Place: @CiaranMc@numberguyPrize (600 credits / 300 credits each) 2nd Place: @daangast @AlarmingSloth58Prize (300 credits / 150 credits each) 3rd Place: @aidanrooney95 @alex94Prize (200 credits / 100 credits each)
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    Canceled Event: https://www.dmginc.gg/emt/?i=6211 SS1:https://prnt.sc/sg9ae0 SS2:https://prnt.sc/sg9chy
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    Cancled event: https://www.dmginc.gg/emt/?i=6026 SS1: https://prnt.sc/seytqa SS2: https://prnt.sc/seyusr
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    Pipe gang the only gang
  14. until

    nah its deffo ceph league matches
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    Rocket League Mafia Can only be done with 3v3 lobby! Be willing to not play the actual game of mafia, This is a of a type of mafia which will be attempting in this event. Host: @Instinctual Event Attendance Token: Details: READ the DETAILS BEFORE RSVP'ING This is a new version of Rocket League mafia that has not been tried before so make SURE you want to attend. Similar to MINDNIGHT's Mainframe mode there will 5 separate roles: - 1 Gamemaster - 1 Nuker - 1 Jester - 1 Admin/The All Knowing - 3 Agents/Villagers Please read below on how to win as each role. Gamemaster: A person participating in the game, who sets each players role through a RNG. This person tells the Admin who the Nuker is after Match 1. The game master will change each game as will all the other roles. All roles and messages will be through discord PM's. Agents/Villagers: They know no information, and need to determine who the Nuker is by the end of the round/day. By determining all the mafia and voting them out the villagers will win as long as the Nuker doesn't find out who the Admin is. Admin/The All Knowing: The Admin is told by the Gamemaster after Match 1 who the Nuker is. This person must convince the other Agents/Villagers who the Nuker are without revealing that they are the Admin/The All Knowing. Nuker: The Nuker is just a regular mafia, you got to throw the game! If you are able to lose 2 out of the 3 games played you win! But if you don't lose 2 games or get voted to reveal/have to reveal you have one chance at redemption. That is the Nuker has one chance to guess who the Admin is. If they are correct, the mafia wins, while if they are wrong, the Agents and Admin win. Jester: It's ya boi, the jester, you goal is trying to be revealed if you do that you win. You can then choose someone to remove the next day have fun :) Make sure to see who voted you to reveal (remove them the next match hehe)! The game is played in 3 matches, at the end of each match everyone has the chance to vote to for someone to get put on trial. Once on trial another vote takes place where the person on trial can defend themselves, and everyone then votes whether to reveal their role or not. If voted to reveal you must reveal your role (NO LYING) and you must sit out for the rest of the games. This makes it much harder to finalize a decision when deciding on who to reveal their role and makes the game an overall intense experience. Once the person is revealed the Gamemaster takes their place for game number 2 but CAN NOT vote. After a second person is voted to be revealed the Gamemaster will step out as the final game will be a 2v2. IMPORTANT: THIS IS AN UNREFINED VERSION OF THE EVENT, ALL RULES & ROLES ARE NOT FINALIZED!
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