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  1. until

    I can not wait to come and find out
  2. Not going back to work anytime soon so nice to have people here who I can play with I have loved every day of lockdown being on here playing with everyone thank you so much everyone 

  3. Louise

    Mayhem II

    Let’s go good luck everyone
  4. it's the 1 of June tomorrow, I hope everyone has had a good month,

  5. until

    would i have to sing or could I just listen
  6. this time in 2013 I  started playing a game called Animal Crossing New Leaf, I had no idea how much I would love this game, It is still my favourite

  7. Too hot today I just want to melt 

  8. just had a nice Roast dinner

  9. Louise

    [DI-CV] Pokemon Gameplay!


    soory that I just left had a power cut
  10. until

    I had fun but I would like to say to my team mates I am sorry I am bad at the game I would understand if you don’t want to me join you again
  11. Louise

    [DI-CV] Mario Kart!


    rip getting the game back anytime soon
  12. until

    I am so looking forward to this, I can not play with anyone, as I have to wait a day to use the airplane
  13. until

    sorry I was just having dinner
  14. Louise

    [DI-CV] Fauxcity's End


    I have put a maybe for this event, as havig pizza and watching a film with family
  15. until

    I am not too sure abot this event yet, as that time I have dinner
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