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  1. until

    Sorry I missed this. I had a last minute work meeting that ran over.
  2. until

  3. I like this happening but just hope it really helps us that are in the lower rankings too.....
  4. I haven't spent a lot of time trying to find a team because I am on the West coast and it has been hard to find equal level people. This certainly will help. Thank you for something like this.
  5. I must admit with some changes at work and me being on West Coast where sometimes it is hard to get events I was close to maybe having to quit DI because of the weekly requirement stuff. I am very happy to hear that we have moved back to monthly stuff. It helps a lot if one week is harder to deal with because of my schedule.
  6. xaldafax

    [DI-VII] aBigJ's RL Games


    Who sends out the tokens? Nothing came in last night....
  7. until

    thanks for the event Tok!
  8. until

    Guess it was cancelled?
  9. The temp voice channel idea was brilliant. Never knew that could happen.
  10. This is a great organization and so many people work so hard to support it. I really like it and don't want to leave. I am all for "requirements" and keeping good quality people and expecting them to step up. Yes, you need to do this to keep the organization as good as it is. But, you are missing out on a lot of GOOD people because you can't accept 95-100% and only will take 145%. That is not mature leadership. There is a huge blindspot in how participation works - in some areas. You seem to have some extreme view that if it isn't super active it must be low quality. That is ridiculous. You can have great people that can easily do 80% of your requirements but then you expect that 145% or you are out. One example - your roster leader stuff - you expect just over the a decent amount of events which means those that want to do it but aren't sure they can meet it do not. Then those that "have to do it" get burned out and you have huge turn over. Instead of going with suggestions to like allow 3 events a week for a leader (with even less rep return) you all stick to the crazy notion of, "no it has to be 145% participation here" when 100% is just fine. The 5 forum post requirement is another example of a bad decision. You already expect people to be in Discord, post in that chat, answer a roll call in discord. Then people are participating in events and must be in voice (limited now yes). Yet now you add "posts" versus "post or reactions" to the forum requirement. You say text is "low quality" and not important in communication yet you now require me to go in and post something. You say, we don't expect you to idle in voice chat because you might only be able to do 1 event a night. Yet somehow the "time to read the forums" just magically appears in each person's life. Combing through the forums is labor intensive and not fun with so much junk in them due to the "post requirement." You want quality in so many places yet you put a forum model together that is going to create junk and noise. Not helpful to any of us. After seeing the last forum posts, I can't believe this will have better content and be more engaging. People come up with really worthless topic ideas just to get that post in. Sure the upvote might help some but I already participate in chat and other things and maybe I just am not interested in using many more hours of my life to try to find a topic in the forums to comment on. On top of this you require now 5. Not three or anything realistic for a person with other parts to their weekly life and other work responsibilities. Remember people with a life not supporting DI actually have other requirements and things they must do. Now instead of participating in ACTUAL EVENTS with the very limited time I have each night, I have to instead take time to find someting to post about and don't get actual REP. Bad decision in my book because now you hurt me and you hurt my house and the group I am trying to support by going to as many events as I can because I have to use that time to support the forum.
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