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  1. until

    dammit, i was going to come too but i missed the time cause of stupid phone calls. lol
  2. MegamiNekohime

    [DI-CIV] Karaoke


    I did not receive tokens for this event.
  3. MegamiNekohime

    [DI-CIV] Karaoke


    I did not receive my tokens for this event.
  4. until

    The event says no log for it. Is there a log?
  5. until

    New world means new characters too or can we play ones we already have?
  6. until

    why you cancel? :(
  7. until

    I have no mic, someone please ready for me? <3
  8. MegamiNekohime

    [DI-XL] nun-cubing


    Soooo...how is this going to work?
  9. until

    Is this a free game?
  10. until

    we only have 3 more days for classes i think and most of the time the disciplines have been when i'm sleeping or when i'm working. :( it's the last class i need, i've had the other 3 since the beginning of the month. lol
  11. until

    I don't see the room yet, please tell me this is not cancelled or I probably won't get this class done before the end of the month...
  12. MegamiNekohime

    [DI-CIV] Karaoke


    VC wru?
  13. until

    Trident only allowed?
  14. until

    where is the channel @lubita?
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