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  1. “Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it.” Specially designed for Performance Starting this month, a competitive showdown weekend will begin where teams battle it out for the glory of the God of Thunder. Thor's Challenge is a monthly open event weekend (anyone can join - even casual players). It is curated with you and your team's in-game growth in mind (almost like a mini bootcamp), culminating in a showdown vs other DI teams, with an experience similar to what you will find at a real life LAN tournament. Thor's Challenge weekend includes: + Coaching workshops + Training sessions, and of course + Tournaments Whilst at the same time giving you tons of exposure through our (we average 200-300+ viewers for competitive streams) AFU designed Thor’s Challenge to offer a tailored training experience to competitive teams in DI It is no small feat to focus an entire weekend on your development and performance as a team while competing and being streamed. We want to offer you this possibility before you are confronted with it. Not many teams have the possibility to practice - and this will help you to perform at your best when representing DI. Eligibility - Any Member/Initiate in DI can register (casual and comp teams are welcome) - Teams need to have competed in 4+ Fight Night Matches in the last month (it's not too late! gogo) Sign Up Sign up here: TBD Registered Teams: 10+ Teams are required for a game/region to run (check back here to see updates) - registrations close 22 June EU - 0/10 NA - 0/10 EU - 0/10 NA - 0/10 EU- 0/10 NA - 0/10 EU - 0/10 NA - 0/10 EU - 0/10 NA - 0/10 EU - 0/10 NA - 0/10 EU - 0/10 NA - 0/10 Mjölnir Achievement: To be eligible for the achievement, participation in the entire weekend is required. Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder and is said to be one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of leveling mountains. The hammer was forged by the dwarven brothers Eitri and Brokkr who to Thor that he may smite as hard as he desired, whatsoever might be before him, and the hammer would not fail; and if he threw it at anything, it would never miss, and never fly so far as not to return to his hand; and if be desired, he might keep it in his sark, it is so small. Click the above achievements for details Structure & Schedule Friday - 26th June + Scrim Events (hosted/organized by AFU and streamed ) + Bootcamps and Coaching Workshops (hosted/organized by AFU) + Pre-show on to participating teams and spectators, interviews etc (hosted/organized by AFU) Saturday - 27th June + Round Robin Qualifier Tournament (best 6+ advance to Sunday) + More streaming with matches being cast, team interviews, discuss standings and more Sunday - 28th June + Thor's Challenge - Bracket Tournament (seeding based on Saturday's qualifiers - double or single elim TBD) + More streaming with matches being cast, team interviews, discuss standings and more FAQ - Great! Where do I sign up? The sign up link will be added to this announcement (it's just being finalized) - check back then! - Can cross-division teams participate? My team has members from 2+ Divisions? Yes! and you should! - My game/region does not yet exist in Fight Night, can I participate? Unfortunately, we need Fight Night up in your game/region first before you can participate. However, Thor's Challenge will run every single month and every Commander in DI has instructions to get their teams in Fight Night, so even if you miss this month - chances are you will be able to join in July. - Why will it only run with 10+ teams? The level of organization/effort in this event is substantial. It is the next tier of events up (we started with Fight Night). This will eventually lead into Valhalla League - How does Thor's Challenge relate to Valhalla League? Valhalla League teams will be selected from teams who regularly participate in Thor's Challenge and Fight Night. We are looking for teams who don't just talk "about getting good", but actually invest time "to get good". - Does it have to be my Primary Game or enter in more than one team? Nope! Anyone can register for any game - although only ONE entry is allowed. Eg. You cannot play for Rocket League AND League of Legends. So choose wisely! Feel free to ask any questions - Maifu
  2. It was a nice Fight Night stream yesterday. Really Good Job @Chibichan and @AN0N1M0US. Looking forward to the next League of Leagends stream you are casting.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AN0N1M0US


      Thank you for the kind words, I had a blast casting it and I am happy you enjoyed it as well :). <3

    3. Lokiiama
    4. Silent


      Nice stream good job guys

  3. Congrats dude :-)

  4. Maifu

    [AFU] Staff Meeting

    Host: @Maifu Event token: Other event token (10REP) Details: We will discuss and brainstorm Thors`s Challenge Comp weekend. Pls prepare for this meeting. AFU Drive --> Tournament Stuff--> Thor`s Challenge --> TC Planning. Read through to be prepared. RSVP Mandatory for :
  5. A wild sona had a look at my profile xD

    How are you man?

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    2. Sona
    3. Maifu


      i am fine too, good to know at leats one person is looking for me to not do stupid things xD

    4. Sona
  6. AFU is looking for Managers. If  you are intrested in planing and executing events like Fight Night, Thor`s Challenge and Valhalla League, hit me up :-)

  7. Maifu

    [DI-XIX] Division Meeting


    :-( i did not get notified about this. no maifu tag
  8. Maifu

    [AFU] Staff Meeting


    start: https://prnt.sc/se9q1a end: https://prnt.sc/seahbr
  9. Maifu

    [AFU] Fight Night


    https://gyazo.com/9e76a2c560d02d8df5d85c1c59dce859 https://gyazo.com/31e9e22256612b6a9b262792a4256f96 https://gyazo.com/e09497b2c31778fc3227c64efb7dedd0
  10. Maifu

    [AFU] Staff Meeting

    Host: @Maifu Event token: Details: We will talk about future plans and project overviews. Want to introduce you guys into "Trello" a nice overview board we want to use. RSVP manatory for: @Lokiiama@TinyMario@seranikas@tjwalsh@Wolfrag@AlexBoomGD@Profi@Cosmic@Tyflame@Yankbama@Consumentor@Volder @ArinijusYT
  11. Do you enjoy entertaining people on a stream? Want to be part of DI Twitch stream of competitive gameplay?  AFU is looking for casters right now.  Hit me up when you are intrested!


    1. Siles
    2. Siles


      I actually, seriously, want to do that for RL.

  12. For the upcoming Streams of Fight Night Games we as AFU are looking for Casters. Experiences as Caster would be nice but it is not mandatory to have.  you are intrested in creating a nice Stream for the audience? You love to entertain people by casting matches? Awesome. Send me a PM!

  13. until

  14. Maifu

    [AFU] Staff Meeting


  15. until
    Host @Maifu Token: No token since it is not valid event to hand out token for Details: We will discuss possible structure for apex Torunaments and FN and how results could be reported to AFU
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