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  1. Tonkatrukk

    [DI-XV] Casual Quick Play


    cheers for the games guys
  2. until

    cheers guys, that was a right laugh
  3. until

    Hey guys, I’ll try and get along to this, as long as I can get child to sleep and not fall asleep myself doing it ;)
  4. until

    Depends if my daughter goes to sleep at a reasonable hour, but if so I’ll be around
  5. Tonkatrukk

    [DI-XXV] Quick Play


    thanks guys, was a fun few games
  6. Tonkatrukk

    [DI-XV] OW Casuals


    Sorry, was looking at the time for this and apparently I signed up! I actually might be able to make it, family dependant
  7. until

    hey guys. is there going to be a discord channel for the event?
  8. until

    I’ll try and make it, but 6 is quite early for me and might not be back from work yet!
  9. Tonkatrukk

    [DI-XV] OW Casuals


    #tonka21936 for my battle tag on this account :)
  10. Tonkatrukk

    [DI-XV] OW Casuals


    Hey guys. Am a new initiate. Hopefully should get time on Friday night to play so thought I’d sign up!
  11. until

    Thanks. I’m just logging on now. Sorry I can’t speak. Mic on order and can pick up tomorrow.
  12. until

    Having some mic issues. The issue being I knocked a cup of coffee over it and it’s not working! Is it ok to join VC to listen in? Not sure if there’s a way I can write out questions to you as well if I have any.
  13. until

    Ok. Hopefully get there in time. If not be nice to meet people even if no token!
  14. until

    I should be there. It’s a bit dependant if I can get child to sleep in time. Is it ok to rock up a bit late if needs? I’m on the maybe list at the moment
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