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  1. until

    , i was stuck on maybe but i went , whoops
  2. until

    uwu rawr xd x3 lets get some wheels rollin
  3. until

    Great event ooof, my message didnt send earlier so 'er we go.
  4. until

    thanks for hostin!
  5. until

    uwu thanks for event! This is what me and alex ended up doing near the end of it btw, but ye great event https://www.gifyourgame.com/SnappyEarthwardPacman
  6. numberguy

    [DI-VII] Juicy RL


  7. until

    rawr >:D
  8. until

    kek lets do this!
  9. numberguy

    [DI-XV] Cards Against DI


    if it didnt happen it couldve at least said [ canceled ] or somethin along those lines :< | stopped halfway due to #### .. i just didnt see it at all :'( @cphrdid you happen to attend any part of the event or no as well?
  10. numberguy

    [DI-XV] Cards Against DI


    I can't find the voice chat nor the person hosting it, and no ones really saying anything bout this event on the discord when I ask about it.. sigh
  11. numberguy

    [DI-VII] Rocket League Grind


    fun thing oop GG
  12. numberguy

    [DI-VII] Rocket League Grind


    im ready boss :D
  13. numberguy

    [DI-VII] Bonding event


    Depends on who plays what or wants to play what heres maybe some game suggestions?; Overwatch, StarCraft II, scribbleio ofcourse, hangman, minecraft, warcraft III, random steam games, random browser games, being competitive at "idle games".. see who gets furthest in the shortest amount of time, could be doing any/all of this while we're naming off our favorite colors/foods/ what our hobbies or activities we enjoy the most would be along with what we do with most of our time and our spare time But thats just my suggestion <3
  14. until

    GG bois n grillz catcha round eventually again
  15. until

    uwu lets get it
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