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  1. until

    I am never gonna trust you again in this game Cryo, NEVER!
  2. until

    Loved the event as always when you host it Garry!
  3. until

    Excited :)
  4. VenomAnt3



    20 past and still not started POG
  5. until

    Had a blast, Hardcore is really one of the most enjoyable gamemodes hands down!
  6. VenomAnt3

    [DI-XIV] COD: MW Warzone


    Got the MP event right before this one so I'll be warmed up and ready to go for the win!
  7. until

    Well I am going to play warzone eitherway so if anyone wants to join us DM me or just hop in the VC where I am at!
  8. until

    Was really fun, fantastic event! ;)
  9. until

    I feel like more then the half is gonna be drunk at the end XD
  10. until

    Was a well organized meeting! I really liked the idea of giving everyone their specific goals they can work towards. Keep up the fanatstic work you are doing for our division!
  11. until

    Depends on when I get home but I'll try!
  12. VenomAnt3

    [DI-XIV] COD: MW Warzone


    Gonna make a waiting room if anyone is waiting for the event, join it if you wanna warm up ;)
  13. until

    You sure jackbox is bonding? XD
  14. VenomAnt3

    [DI XVI] Multiplayer Mayhem


    haha I feel ya, I just noticed there was an update like 3 hours ago so yeah.... takes a while when your internet is this bad ;(
  15. VenomAnt3

    [DI XVI] Multiplayer Mayhem


    Well still 17 GB to go ;(
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