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  1. until

    great practice team!
  2. until

    Great event, thanks for hosting!
  3. until

    Fun event, ty for hosting!
  4. until

    It's never too early for league of legends Thanks for hosting, nice event!
  5. until

    Had fun, thanks for hosting!
  6. until

    Great event, ty for hosting!
  7. until

    Thanks for hosting, nice event
  8. until

    Thanks for hosting, fun event
  9. until

    Fun games, ty for hosting!
  10. until

    Thanks for hosting, great event!
  11. until

    Thanks for hosting, very fun event!
  12. until

    Nice event, ty for hosting!
  13. until

    Thanks for hosting, fun event
  14. until

    Nice Event, GG guys
  15. until

    Thanks for the scrim guys, it was a lot of fun. Well played and GG!
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