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  1. until

    Warriors ready! Lets get a crushing Victory!, or lets just have fun :D
  2. until

    Yeah, I was 100% certain it was at 4:00 PM I even stopped doing stuff :(
  3. until

    Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh, Im a dummy, I thought it was goint to be at 4 pm. Sorry I missed it :L
  4. until

    Thanks for hosting the event, in the near future we will reach the skies with more victories!
  5. until

    Warriors!, Lets take VICTORIES FROM THEM!
  6. until

    Hello Warriors, Sharpen your swords, clean your helmets and get ready for a night of battles and chants!
  7. until

    Ready up my Loli Warriors! UAH!
  8. until

    Fellow Warriors with 2 victories! OOOOAH! Thanks and looking out for the next event.
  9. until

    Hello Warriors, my body is ready for today's Lemons, LETS MAKE SOME JUICE. (Warcry)
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