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  1. until

    Where is our host @RegalMachine
  2. Ready to get that Valorant Grind back on and jump in some coaching sessions with @DreamLite




  3. until

    Oh my!!!! I can not wait!!!!!!!!
  4. His sessions are awesome and straight to the point! He helped me to correct all my aiming issues and develop my game sense. I easily climbed from an iron level of game play to silver 3 in a 2 week period easy. I never thought I would improve this quick and if you want to improve, this is the Coach you want if you are serious about your competitive future. I have no doubt that I will climb to gold level ranked and beyond when the game comes out now.
  5. BurningCW

    [DI-CIV] Valorant


    They will not need a beta key for this event since the game will be released on June 2nd. @RebelWoof
  6. BurningCW

    [DI-CIV] Valorant HYPE


    The game will be released, they do not need beta access for this event.
  7. My wrist is on FIIIRRREEEEE!!!!!! :WeirdChamp:

    1. maniacmuffin


      That is really relateable.


  8. until

    Host was professional and handled the coordination for the event quickly and with no problems.
  9. until

    What channel will we be using for this event?
  10. BurningCW

    [DI-CII] Valorant Games


    It is to late for me to join now of course But I wanted to say I am sorry for RSVPing and not showing. I had some family problems that came up and it took my mind away from the event starting at 11:00am and I didn't realize until 11:30am. I apologize again for any inconvenience I caused for the organization of this event.
  11. BurningCW

    [DI-CII] Valorant Games


    it should be here in 9 minutes, I'm sure they will let us know
  12. I'm going to get this cypher down, whatever it takes

  13. Was able to put in at least 6 hours yesterday with good ping.

    Feels good to be able to play again!

  14. Have high ping for Valorant here..... Can not play in good conditions until Wednesday unfortunately 

  15. Reworking my twitch set up for their house. Also have the idea of extending my twitch streaming times so I can have more VODs saved to review at the end of each day.

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