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  1. until

    Thanks the hosting! Have a lot laugh cool teammates and play... can’t wait to repeat!
  2. until

    Thanks the event! Was an awesome team! Want some more!!!
  3. until

    somebody can tell me what the heck is MST??? And when is this event is @GMT or any human time zone? Thx
  4. until

    So how I actually join to this game?
  5. until

    I’m joined this community because I like to play with same mentality players not because of rep points. If I can be on I rsvp just before. Is that ok?
  6. until

    Hi, this is open to everyone to join? Is it only 1 hour event from 8pm-9pm? I don’t want to rsvp and turn up to 15 min game with you... I’m new sry for the questions I like to join but I usually start around 8-9 ish.. I looking forward to play with you... And as a game mode I play 100% HC shoot the ship.
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