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  1. His game knowledge was off the charts. He helped me very much to improve my knowledge about match-ups. and how to approach the situation based on the match-up. early junglers vs late/tank junglers etc. his attitude was excellent. always friendly and humble. Willing to improve his coaching skills with every chance he gets. I really like the summary questions at the end to see what I learned. It really helped me absorb the knowledge he given me. It wasn't as much as back and forth with questions as I hoped. But I think that was cause it was just the 1st session. Overall excellent coach. Can't wait for the next sessions!!!
  2. Awesome 1st session. We reviewed a game from my DI team and he helped me a lot so I can understand what runes i should get and what my game plan should be. I'm a jungler and he specializes on top lane, but he was very insightful regardless. Great job. Keep it up !!! Can't wait for the next session!
  3. until

    ON WHAT CHANNEL ARE WE going into??
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