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  1. AlarmingSloth58

    [DI-XV] OW Casuals


    Had a blast! Thank you for the event and hopefully soon I'll get better xD
  2. until

    Thank you for the event! Almost reached my goal. So close yet can't reach it just yet lol.
  3. until

    Ready to play some good old RL!! Let's go!
  4. until

    Thanks for the event. Lol most definitely have to work on my 1v1 so I can get better haha xD.
  5. until

    Thank you for hosting and allowing me to play some ranked game with @Zerogravity247
  6. until

    Thank you @ChocoGreenfor the event had a good time playing some 2s with my partner.
  7. AlarmingSloth58

    [DI-XV] SkribblIO Fun


    Thanks @Toxyfor the event. Had a blast and can't wait for the next event!!
  8. until

    Thanks for the event @ToomI had a blast. As to my teammate @Shadowsidneysorry I was breaking at the end. I will make sure to do my best next time if we are teammates and practice my 2v2s.
  9. until

    Thank you so much for this funny and great event! I had a blast! Thank you so much for this funny and great event! I had a blast! It also was my first time playing jackpot and it was amazing.
  10. AlarmingSloth58

    [DI-XV] OW Casuals


    Thanks for the games and glad I finally got my first win!!
  11. until

    Can't wait!!
  12. until

    Yeah I won! The settings actually worked a lot better then I thought and haha yeah idk about that first I have to learn how to dribble and do off the wall and roof dribbles/ shots. But I won't give up I'll keep trying!
  13. until

    Thanks for the event! @WolkjeI know I suck but I had fun lol. Maybe next time you play I can join or sometime you and @Toxycan coach me how to play and get better haha.
  14. AlarmingSloth58

    [DI-XV] OW Casuals


    Hey @ToxyI know you are not doing many more events but was wondering maybe one day next weekend we can do some OW and all.
  15. until

    I forgot to post yesterday haha but @lukanacyou said your not good but from what I saw that was a lie haha. Thank you @Cristyan337 for the event.
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