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  1. Early Graduation Form (Applicant - Copy & Paste)


    Name [Lennard] Graduation Request


      Hide contents

    1. Which Option are you applying for? (if option 2 provide a link to your processed promotion request)

    - option 1 250 rep

    2. Do you understand the Activity Requirements of DI and and agree to comply by them?

    - yeah

    3. Do you agree to defend DI and your fellow members from all forms of toxicity, unrest, or other non-cohesive events?

    - yeah

    4. Did you get striked during Initiation? If so, explain in detail:

    - i was unactive for a extended period of time


    5. Who is your Mentor and do you approve of them? (if no elaborate)? (@tag them)

    - dont think i have one.

    6. What was your favorite and least favorite part of initiation? (2+ complete sentences)

    - making the initiation request was the worst.

    - Joining a large community was good.

    7. Did you have an account on di.community? If so, give us a link to your account (So we ca

    1. Kanalizator


      You should post that in the following sub-forum


  2. Transfer Request Form - Standard 


    [DTR] Lennard [DI-I to DI-XIX] [Standard] [Pending]


    1. Current Division: DI-i
    2. Requested Division: DI-XIX
    3. How long were you in your Current Division?

    - like 2 months i think

    1. Is your House currently under an Active Freeze? 

    - no

    1. Have you spoken to your Division Commander? 

    - Yeah he approved me to switch

    1. Reason for this Transfer Request? 

    - i dont play rust anymore and i mainly play rocket league. And because there is interesting competitive events

    1. Is this transfer in relation to a promotion of rank? (If so, don't use this form - submit a Promotion Request instead)

    - no

    1. Do you fall under one of the transfer exemptions? If yes, which one
      - re-inrolling intitates 

      If not you will be required to pay 250 REP; do you accept?
    1. Synth


      you do not do it here my friendo 😄 

    2. Lennard


      where then men


    3. TsukiSora


      You should post it in here: https://dmginc.gg/forum/50-requests/ 😄

  3. until

    yo i cant find the vent on discord
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