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  1. yo i live in knoxville trying to squad up on warzone and show me how to do some of this stuff im doing this initiation program maybe you can help me

  2. until

    what is the lowest rank we will be playing with? not asking because I don't wanna play with lower ranks, I have no issue with that at all! Just wondering because I currently cannot play on my alternative account that is a lower rank, and my current account is P2
  3. until

    This event was super helpful as an almost brand new initiate, and it was very nice to have some higher ranking members there to ask all of our questions. Shoot, I had some questions answered that I didn't even know I had. Thank you @Murdockand @JuJuTheWulfPupfor your time and accommodations!
  4. until

    It is Central Time (CMT), which is one hour behind Eastern Standard Time (EST). Hope this helps.
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