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  1. when we can be sign for the competitive? im from apex legends. how i can tryout for the teams for apex legends team?
  2. sure, just tell me when u get on to play bro!
  3. until

    ok i will be there i think!
  4. until

    good event, when is the next one of apex with dark?
  5. until

    im still on the division XIX cuz i have a meeting on may 1 for a place as a team leader of div 36 but today im still part of the div X1X until i get admitt tomorrow, also i still have the the divisions on my discord, that why i saw the link.
  6. until

    im part of that division, so i will see u there guys :)
  7. until

    but we can go right? LMAO
  8. until

    all the members of that division, need to go?
  9. @KingBonezwe always are going to make mistakes, we just need on make a good team using legends that can complement as a team, trust we will have success there
  10. Daishio

    [DI-XXI] Apex and Flex?


    yeah we win 3 times in a row and I was using the fucking gibraltar on those matches -.- was annoying. but still we win games.
  11. Daishio

    [DI-XXI] Apex and Flex?


    one of the best events almost at midnight
  12. until

    i will try to not miss that event xD
  13. until

    for example in this month of the calendar we got only 2 events like april 27 and 29 just 2 events i think we can add an event on those that we got 2 only events it doesnt matter which hour.
  14. until

    sure a 2 hours events, i also believe we need more events during days that dont have too much events...
  15. i cant wait to compete against big esports!
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