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  1. Bhadeti

    [DI-I] Hokey Pokey Karaoke


    What was the purpose of this exactly?
  2. Bhadeti

    Damage Inc Review


    RSVP to the event and join the twitch channel. https://www.twitch.tv/dmgincs/ make sure your twitch is also attached to your profile I believe.
  3. until

    I'll try to be there. Grammar fix "Pleas make sure to RSVP to earn REP for attending!"
  4. I had a one hour coaching session with Apoo. He was very friendly and easy to get along with and pointed out some things that even I was not aware of. We established together that I am definitely in the wrong tier, but even in this tier he was able to give me advice on what I should be doing beyond here. Going over two of my games we were able to point on things such as being aware of surrounding sounds to be more aware of placement and keeping myself in better positioning so I don't get caught out. It was in depth and well thought out on the spot, I look forward to furthering my sessions with this amazing coach!
  5. The problem is this. Everyone is meant to post here https://www.dmginc.gg/forum/7-looking-for-team/ to look for a team, yet they are all randomly thrown in there. This needs better sorting in order for new members to have better access. After about 10 minutes of looking through this I threw in the towel. It's just not worth the effort. Another issue i'm seeing as that 90% of the members of DI are EU which means to find an NA team that is on a similar time schedule is highly difficult as well. DI does have a lot of structure, but it's lacking in some respects when it comes to information and ease of access. Going through Chain of Command could be a possibility but when you're basically on an e-mail system of time frame, it becomes difficult as well. I'm at my computer basically from Noon to Midnight and there's barely any activity in my division, i'm almost wondering why i'm even taking the time to go through the initiate program.
  6. This is the same issue i've had as well, there's no info on team development, only a create a team button. With being new to DI not knowing anyone and being relatively shy in that respect, it leads to not accomplishing anything.
  7. This actually looks really neat. The problem i'm seeing as an initiate is that it's hard to find teams looking for members. Also when looking at teams formed for the current Fight Night there is a lack of teams for pretty much all games. So it looks as if there needs to be more focus here on the development of teams.
  8. Bhadeti

    [DI-XVIII] OW Comp: Gold


    This was my first event in DI. Was easily organized and enjoyable.
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