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  1. Today's DI stream was an absolute blast.

    Incredible work @Siles and @killik for the insanely entertaining delivery and everyone behind the scenes working on Fight Night as a whole!

    I am excited for next week's stream, 

    where will you be? :diPega:

    1. Volder


      League of legends next @Profihypehype

    2. TheFilthyWeeb


      yeah it looked really good 

    3. Siles


      Thanks a lot @Profi :) It was an absolute pleasure, can't wait for the next one !

      Well done on your side as well, good org, couldn't have been any better, whoop Let's Gooo !

  2. We are currently looking for Streamers and Casters that could help the Anti Farming Unit host Twitch broadcasts for current Fight Night Events and possibly other tournaments coming in the future.

    Hit me up or @Maifu for more details!



      Hey, I stream. I can even give you some nice stream overlays, if you want them lmk ;)

  3. Excited to be taking the Twitch Manager position in the AFU under the new leadership of @Maifu and @Lokiiama.

    Let's see how long I can keep this up!

    1. Lokiiama


      Good to have you <3 

  4. You have big brain for finding the secret meme code so fast!

    1. Profi


      Thank you, I am a sort of a scientist myself.

  5. Are banners really that important? Why are you guys arguing? Aren't events the most important thing of this topic?
  6. until
    Hosting Officer: @PLMPatrick Token: Community Event Token You will challenge other teams to earn the higher spot on the ladder! You can create a temp Discord room after the event host tells you to, before you will be in a general event room made for the event. After your game, make sure to screenshot the result and DM the AFU officers present with your team, opponent's team, the score and it's evidence. If you can't find a team to challenge, you can ask the AFU officers to match you up with a team. Structure: League of Legends - NA (5v5) Overwatch - NA (6v6) Rocket League - NA (3v3 Best of 3) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - NA (2v2 Wingman) THIS EVENT IS NA ONLY Event can be longer than 3 hours due to it being a multiple game Fight Night. More Info on Friday Fight Nights here:
  7. Will miss you 💖

  8. Going over the Steam Luna New Year sale and found this. a9d718e3cfb0558bfee1ce15c4444587.png

    What a bargain!

  9. Profi

    Friday Fight Night


    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GkYcLjeIIB7Z7FvNCq6uCvy9-FnFdzIW?usp=sharing - Screenshots
  10. Profi

    Friday Fight Night


    The NA event is next week but will probably not be as big as the EU one. @aBigJ With us. @bakaflosama
  11. Profi

    Friday Fight Night


    Make sure to review the event for us to improve!
  12. Profi

    Friday Fight Night

    Hosting Officer: @Profi Hosting Officer Backup: @dalo Token: Community Event Token On the 17th of January the time finally comes to start our Internal League! You can use this event to play team that already challenged each other or find enemies on the spot. Structure: League of Legends - EU (5v5) Overwatch - EU (6v6) Rocket League - EU (3v3 Best of 3) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - EU (2v2 Wingman) THIS EVENT IS EU ONLY Event can be longer than 3 hours due to it being a multiple game Fight Night . The event is going to be streamed on the dmgincs Twitch Channel and is a part of the DI's charity stream. Tune in to our Stream and support WWF to help the local situation in Australia! More Info on Friday Fight Nights here:
  13. 84910ad4a73df326cc0039fad57fe67a.png


    One Down, two more to go.


    Or three? 😛

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