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  1. until

    EU or NA primarily?
  2. until

    Practice cancelled tonight, so tridents it is!
  3. It seems easy to review games and notice mistakes after they happen. @LordPin3appl3took the time to go back to before the mistake, and walk me through the decision process. He was insightful to deduce my poor decision, an why I might have made it, then walk me through at that moment what the right decision would have been. It is great to have had the insight of what should have been done before a mistake happened, rather than just acknowledge a bad mistake and say what should have been done within the context of that later moment.
  4. until

    dang. Guess I'll finish promos
  5. until

    This looks like it's going to be another huge one like last night!
  6. until

    Should be here no problem! Also, finally got Zac, so I'll be trying that out tonight. In the words of the greatest ADC ever... "Time to FEED!"
  7. until

    Hope to make it. I have EUW account (able to draft), but any other NA players who see this, I can join you instead.
  8. until

    I plan on being there, but RL commitments may get in the way. Is saying "Maybe" good enough to receive rep if I DO show up? OR will I need to update it to "Going" in order to get rep?
  9. until

    NA player here, but I also have an EUW account if no other NA show up
  10. until

    This is an EUW event right? If so, I can swap to my EUW account for it if no other NA players join.
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