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  1. just from one coaching session a few weeks ago he helped open my eyes up to mechanical mistakes i was making that i could improve and on the second coaching session gave me even more to go off of :) (this is coming from a champ 2-3 player)
  2. until

    sad days
  3. until

    Fun fact for the day Toom is actually made of english
  4. until

    it was aidan like 3/5 times
  5. until

    pro tip to winning it's always aidan
  6. until

    remind me to never 1v1 shooty in hoops thx.
  7. coolio990066

    [DI-XIX] Car Ball


    nice addition of the balla carra wheels XD
  8. until

    event definitely informed me alot more about the teams and competition in DI, also skribblo afterwards was a blast
  9. until

    enjoyed the event even with my tehcnical difficulties with epic mafia
  10. this sounds like a great way for everybody to compete against each other
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