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  1. until

    EMT kicked me out when i started it so no log @Shealthyjoined 1 minute after the 1st screenshot was taken, i know it probably isnt possible for him to receive a token but if he could that would be great!
  2. Xentryy

    [DI-II][B3] Kitties


    was fun playing with you guys :D
  3. until
    Host: @Xentryy Co-Host: @Shavile Reward: Other Event Token (10 Rep/H) Staff meeting to discuss division and plan our action plan, as well as to get to know each other a bit better RSVP IS MANDATORY FOR ALL XVII STAFF Taglist:
  4. until

  5. Xentryy

    [CANCELLED] [DI-II] Open Mic Night


    Sorry guys, have had to cancel due to real life events that are happening today. If anyone wants to host it still then go ahead.
  6. until

    Log: https://www.dmginc.gg/emt/?i=6336
  7. until
    Host: @Hachigatsu Co-Host: @Xentryy Reward: Other Event Token (10 Rep/h) This event is all about Chilling and Playing normals! No Toxicity! Just be nice and most importantly be chill! We are on EU servers so if you are NA bring a friend to play with! Voice channel will be made at the time of the event with the same name. Cya there! RSVP and attend to receive reward!!!
  8. until

    I'll host this one, moved it forward an hour!
  9. Absolutely amazing coach, was second session with him, although i have played with him a lot and he has given me pointers each time. Since getting coaching with Boyod i have improved a ton and he would agree. Vod review today was super helpful and made it through a good number of games both wins and losses. Really good at pointing out what i did wrong and also what i actually did right (to my suprise). Deffo would recommend 100% such a nice guy and great coach.
  10. until
    Welcome to The Open Mic Night We are going to gather in a voice channel with the same name and have an amazing night showing off our "Talents" Open Mic doesn't just mean Karaoke but this could include Stand-up Comedy (can be done sat down), Impressions, Poetry, you could play an instrument if you want to. Its up to you. Lets try to keep this event as PG as possible though i know it can be hard to avoid mild swearing in songs, but as long as it is only mild. Depending on how many people come i may reduce the event from 2 hours to 1 hour and people may have a chance to go again if they want. Please invite your friends, i want this to be the best event DI has ever seen. And if it goes well i may do more!! Host: @Xentryy Reward: 1 Other event token (10 Rep) (per hour)
  11. until

    Thanks. One of the best events and event hosts that DI has to offer
  12. until

  13. until

    What do you call a Cat that likes to eat beans? Puss 'n' Toots ;)
  14. until

  15. Xentryy

    [DI-II] Karaoke Fun Time


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