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  1. When I get to post news instead of you so I get more upvotes


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    2. 13thShade


      @Olinite made me fall in love with this emote.

      It conveys my plans for world domination :AYAYA:

    3. Olinite
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      :peepoEvil:   <---- If Steve Jobs was Italian

  2. GreatJackal

    [Twitch] Fight Night


    no worries man - not a biggie
  3. GreatJackal

    [Twitch] Fight Night


    @Tyflame- this is an "Other Event Token" event. Only events posted here: https://www.dmginc.gg/calendar/1-community-calendar/ are authorized for Community Event Tokens
  4. any rafters?

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    2. GreatJackal


      i play it lots - its great

    3. BananaB


      It's a really good game! I used to play it really frequently

    4. qodEtwas


      I really like that game, I am waiting for Chapter 2 to finally release

  5. Hate to be a bother  but I indeed went to the "Morning Tea" and I see that the event says "Tokens are obtained ONLY if you have your twitch account linked to your forum profile". I had to re-link a different Twitch account in middle of the stream because the other one wouldn't allow me to type in chat. If this does this not change anything then I do understand and hope you remain well. Thanks. 



  6. until

    Make sure to come to this @Commander - we have a lot to cover :D
  7. Any event - if you RSVP to it 48 hours before it starts Casual is the most established side of DI - no one is being forgotten, if anything comp has been forgotten and we are fixing that. Skill doesnt matter - commitment does. In the new MDR - you will be able to find teams much quicker, so just hang in there another week :)
  8. It certainly opens the door to it in the future If their practicing several times a week, they will get REP through that already. No one should be "grinding REP". Just play your games, attend practices, do scrims etc and you will easily get 250+ REP without even trying
  9. "The world is changing and we must change with it" - Ragnar We are now well on our way towards success with our massive scale Spring Offensive, having seen a significant quantity of objectives already completed. So it is with great excitement that we unveil our new competitive system within Damage Inc that will transform one of the core features of being a member, as well as, being one of the key features of our brand new (soon to be released) Master Division Registry. So come 1st May, we will implement several major initiatives to support the Competitive Revolution. The Competitive Revolution will let you: + Quickly find teams or players of a desired Skill, Reliability and game Role using the new MDR (see below) + Quickly see which rosters are considered Comp Rosters + Earn extra REP by participating in Competitive Events + Highly skilled Initiates will have a new way to graduate Initiation through the Elite Initiation Program + Help better seed tournaments and events with matchmaking that is more balanced So we already have Standardized Grading, but... Reliability For a long time, we have had teams rise and fall due to reliability. Simply put, reliability measures a player's commitment and availability for serious competitive play. We get a lot of players who "talk comp" by saying they will attend practices, do this and do that - but when the time comes they don't show up for practice, or other team commitments. This is an incredibly frustrating experience for other players on the roster who are taking the competitive side seriously. For a casual player, reliability means nothing. Level 5 -- 95%+ Reliable (Comp eligible) Level 4 -- 80%+ Reliable (Comp eligible) Level 3 -- 70%+ Reliable Level 2 -- 60%+ Reliable Level 1 -- <60% Reliable Reliability will measure each member's ability to commit to a serious competitive roster and is designed for players who are: - Serious about Esports and willing to put 15-20+ hours a week into it - Looking for dedicated teams that practice 4+ times a week, and attend tournaments and scrims on weekends - Able to commit to a schedule in advance (eg. practice Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6pm, every week) How it Works Reliability % = Total Events RSVP'd "Yes" Attended in past 6 months / Total Events RSVP'd Yes in past 6 months 1. (+) Reliability is improved by: - RSVP "Yes" at least 48 hours before an event's scheduled start time (RSVPing within 48 hours does nothing) - RSVP "Yes" ("No" and "Maybe" does nothing) - Attend the Event on the scheduled date and time 2. (-) Reliability is lost by: - RSVPing "Yes" at least 48 hours or more before an event, but then: -- not showing up -- changing your RSVP to "No" or "Maybe" within 48 hours of start time - Not attending at least 8+ Events per month that have been RSVP'd "Yes" 48+ hours before event start Summary - Reliability only matters if you are here to play competitive / esports on a serious level. Casuals can ignore it. - RSVP at least 48 hours in advance with "Yes" to events you are sure you can attend to gain (+) reliability - Never RSVP "Yes" if you are not sure you can attend, it will hurt your (-) reliability - Make sure you attend at least 8+ Events a month that you RSVP'd "Yes" to 48 hours or earlier before event start Comp Rosters In the new Master Division Registry, competitive rosters will have distinguished crossed sword markings. What this means is that the players in these rosters are hardcore esports focused players who are practicing several times a week, and competing in weekly scrims and tournaments. These rosters will also have higher requirements than regular/casual rosters, and they are always located in Team A. Overview - Each Division has a max of 4 official Comp Rosters, always located in Team A, Rosters 1-4 - Comp Rosters may not be bigger than their game's standard size roster plus max 3 subs - Comp players compete at tryouts for a slot in their division's Comp Rosters - Only Comp Eligible players may reside in Team A - Team A is led by a Competitive Team Leader - Team A, Rosters 5-9 are used for overflow Comp Eligible players looking to enter/tryout for Rosters 1-4 - To be considered a Comp Eligible player, a member or initiate must: -- Have 80%+ Reliability -- Attend 4+ Comp Events a month (eg. Fight Nights) -- Not on an active Comp Team Ban Comp Events & Tokens We wanted to create an extra incentive of rewarding players for participating in competitive events as well as tracking attendance at comp events to help support Comp Eligible players and the Elite Initiation Program. Comp Event Tokens are issued by AFU each week to each player, for each match they participated in with: - Fight Night (Weekly - Open to everyone, casual or comp) - Thor's Challenge (Monthly - Open to everyone, casual or comp) - Valhalla League (Quarterly - Only Comp Rosters) They are worth 10 REP, but will be awarded in addition to the "Other Event" tokens from the event, for a total of 20 REP. But most importantly, they will capture this information on the Member Standings (mockup below - its not live yet) Which will support: - Comp Eligibility status for members - Elite Initiation Program Elite Initiation Program Bringing back the return of a legendary old program allows our Divisions to recruit, retain and support higher tier players who are looking for an org to help support their in-game growth and development, whilst at the same time become an active and contributing member of Damage Inc. This program is for Initiates who are: - Top 1% in their respective game ( Tier 1) - Interested in serious competitive play Graduation Requirements: - 8 Comp Events and/or Coaching Sessions (Any combination of Comp Events and Coaching Sessions are accepted) - 15 Posts - 250 REP An Elite Initiate can decide later in the cohort to graduate using the standard requirements, as long as one of either the Elite OR Standard requirements are met by the date full member applications are due. Feel free to ask any questions! GJ
  10. I broke my keyboard...PepeHands

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      The Accessory Disconnect noise going off over and over again :LULW:

    3. Aussiebee


      maybe time for di to invest in some keyboards 

      Damage inc keyboards

    4. TimeToLight


      how did u break it?


  11. GreatJackal

    Seed Divisions

    Updated 4/20 Take note of the changes @Commander @Captain
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